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The Person-Centred Approach


Person-centred counselling is all about providing a safe space for you to truly be yourself. By listening, understanding and accepting you and everything you bring, I hope to help you to listen to, understand and accept yourself. 

My role as a person-centred therapist is to walk alongside you in any sadness, pain or emotional discomfort you might be experiencing, and to support you in finding a way out of the darkness and into a place which feels happier, calmer and clearer. It is my belief, and that of the person-centred approach, that only you hold the answers to your own questions. I am not here to give you advice or tell you what decisions you should make, but instead to support you in exploring your own feelings and in gaining clarity for yourself.

I can help you to work towards overcoming a whole range of mental health issues, emotional tension and life challenges, including depression, anxiety, loss, low confidence/self-esteem, bereavement, relationship issues and stress.